Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme

Week 08 – July 27th, 2020

Element: Dark   |   Cost: 3  |  Type: Unit |  Power: 2000

Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer is very well known throughout Turrim for her experiments. The golem creatures that are born from her conjugation are usually hideously misshapen atrocities, only someone like Hoenna could love. While her experiments are usually dark and grotesque, her power is still admired by many. Hoenna and her family of golems reside over the Tower of Darkness

Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme is a 3 cost Dark unit with 2000 power. Hoenna’s activated ability allows her to revive any unit from your discard pile with a cost equal to the number of units you expelled for her Offering cost. By exhausting Hoenna and paying an Offering cost of X, you can target a unit in your discard zone with a cost equal to X and put into play. 

Where to Find this Card? You can find Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme in Set 2: Revelations

The Conjurer

Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme is very well known throughout Turrim, and her children are even more well known. The abominations she creates are hideous deformed monsters, or so others say. Hoenna is known for taking abandoned, lost, or helpless children, and turning them into a golem. Her experiments are often called immoral, but in her eyes she gives them a purpose to their life. She may be cold and dark on the outside, but Hoenna’s love for her children is immeasurable.

A dark female figure riding a large zombie horse comes out of the ominous forest. Her hat commands the attention of anyone who looks in her direction. She is a necromancer and sacrifices
people to bring others back to life. With one of her arms outstretched, purple energy starts to raise a fallen assassin to use as a henchman against her enemy.
Conjuring with Hoenna

Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme has an amazing Offering ability that lets you revive a unit from the discard and put it into play! The more expensive the unit, the more resources needed for her ability. Cards like Shrieker and Treat! are great cards to help put units into your discard to be able to use Hoenna’s ability effectively! 

Using Omega Magic: Yami to put Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme into play from your discard zone, you now have access to put any unit into play as long as you can pay for Hoenna’s Offering cost. This play allows you to get two for the price of one! Putting a 3 cost unit into play with Yami is already pretty strong, but then Hoenna is able to put any unit, regardless of cost, into play the next turn.  

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