Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker

Week 07 – July 20th, 2020

Element: Fire   |   Cost: 3  |  Type: Ω Unit-Blazewalker |  Power: 2500

Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker started as a young rookie, but during the war on Turrim he was forced to mature quickly into the fierce warrior he is today. After Raine, Corrupted by Grief left, Ark was left to step up and lead the Blazewalkers in the fight against the Silver Army.  

Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker is a 3 cost Fire omega unit with 2500 power. Ark must be placed on one of your fire units, but costs (2) less if you place him on top of a Blazewalker unit. Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker pairs really nice with some of the other Blazewalker’s effects that return them to the field at the beginning of your turn. Ark can also help recover and replenish your Blazewalker army. By placing the card underneath him into the discard zone, you can return up to two target Fire units from your expelled zone to your hand. 

Where to Find this Card? You can find Ark, the Soaring  Blazewalker and other omega units in Set 3: Ascension

The Young Rookie

Ark was a quick learner and finished at the top of his rookie class. He advanced through the ranks of the Blazewalkers quickly, and became an integral part of the Blazewalker army. Ark is most known for his fearlessness and his incredible speed. Leading the charge, Ark and the Blazewalker Army confront the Silver Army. 

Since his days as a rookie, Ark has grown and matured into a fierce warrior. He has absorbed a vast amount of Fire Shardlight, becoming stronger and more powerful. In his chest armor is a glowing red shard. He is lunging forward towards Raine, Corrupted by Grief with his spear outstretched. The Blazewalker Commander and the young rookie are now fighting for different sides.

Attacking with Ark!

Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker is a vital strategy in the Blazewalker archetype, and a great unit to use to close out games. Using some of the Blazewalker’s effects, like Blazewalker Scout, Leiah, to put them into play, you can play Ark on top for only 1 and attack your opponent. 

Since Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker costs only 1 when played on top of a Blazwalker unit, it makes Guiding Winds an efficient way to protect and reuse your omega unit. After attacking and using his activated ability to refuel your hand, you can return him to your hand and play him down and attack again!  

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