Raging Shardbeast

Week 06 – July 13th, 2020

Element: Argent   |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit-Beast  |  Power: 2000

Raging Shardbeast’s power is unmatched and the shard protruding from its head is nearly unbreakable. The Raging Shardbeast leaves nothing but ruins behind in its path. Shardbeasts are common to Argos but usually live in open fields away from civilizations.

Raging Shardbeast is a 1 cost Argent Beast unit with 2000 power. This Shardbeast has the highest power total of units that costs 1, but all that power is not without its drawbacks. While you control Raging Shardbeast, you cannot play cards with cost 3 or more from your hand. For that reason, most decks playing Raging Shardbeast are aggressive decks and typically have lower costing units to supplement the Shardbeast. A deck may also include ways to destroy or pick up the Shardbeast whenever they want to play their higher cost cards.

Where to Find this Card? You can find Raging Shardbeast in Expansion Pack 1: Generations!

Raging Shardbeast!?!?

Raging Shardbeast charge in a straight line, destroying anything in their path. Unable to turn, these beasts cannot be outrun, but can be dodged easily. There are countless tales of Shardbeasts demolishing entire cities and villages, usually, because they are stuck inside.

A large Rhinoceros-looking beast with a large shard protuding from its head (horn) is crashing through a solid brick wall. The shard on its head is strong enough to break whatever it runs into and you can see shardlight coming out of it when it is charging.

Cards around Raging Shardbeast

Raging Shardbeast has a lot of power for a 1 cost unit, but Giga-Shardbeast has even more power and gives +500 to all your other Shardbeast units. Shardbeasts also have the subtype beast, so Sandsea Scorpion Hydra can put it into play!

While you control Raging Shardbeast you cannot play cards with cost 3 or more from your hand. However cards that cost X have a cost of 0 whenever you play them from your hand. Other cards like Yuki, the Lightning Flash are put into play rather than played!

Use these tricks when building a deck with Raging Shardbeast to get the most out of your 1 cost unit!

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