Shadow Liger

Week 05 – July 6th, 2020

Element: Dark  |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Beast  |  Power: 1000

The Shadow Liger stalks its prey approaching silently. This unit strikes before it can be seen, and slashes its enemies with its massive claws. The Shadow Liger is not something you want to come across when the forest is dark. 

Shadow Liger is a 1 cost Dark Beast Unit that has 1000 power and discards the top two cards of your deck each time it attacks or is attacked. This Triggered ability can help get more cards into the discard pile for other cards like gargoyles, and it is a powerful 1 cost beast unit early in the game.

Where to find this card? Shadow Liger can be found in Expansion Pack 3: Conviction!

The Shadow Liger

The Shadow Liger is a large, shadowy, and fierce purple and black Liger, similar to a tiger/lion. It leaps forward from the shadows, slashing and ripping through the armor of a solider with silver armor. The massive claws leave deep wounds and blood is gushing from the soldier’s body.

This predator stalks its prey in the shadows, undetectable. Then without being noticed they pounce on their victim and knock them to the ground. The size and strength of this beast is enough to take any soldier down, but the claws can shred through any armor as well. Even the most brave warriors are weary of the Shadow Liger.

Attacking with Shadow Liger

Shadow Liger discards the top 2 cards of your deck whenever you attack with it or whenever it is attacked, so it pairs well with Ergon, the Tragic Gargoyle. This helps certain decks get specific cards into the discard for abilities or can fuel Offering costs for cards such as Ghostly Demise.

You can use other Dark cards like Granite Gargoyle or Shrieker to discard your deck as well, possibly increasing the effectiveness of Shadow Liger. The more cards in your discard, the more effective some abilities are and the more abilities to use! 

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