Voidfire Dragon

Week 04 – June 29th, 2020

Element: Fire   |   Cost: 3  |  Type: Dragon  |  Power: 1500

Voidfire Dragon‘s breath can burn entire villages to the ground. This dragon has so much voidfire coursing through its body you can feel the heat coming off of it. Raine, Mournful Commander is the only mortal being who is able to tame this dragon’s power.

This 3 cost Fire Dragon unit has 1500 power and a unquie ability allowing you to play it from the discard. While there is a destroyed Fire tower, you can expel 2 or more units from your hand whose combined cost is at least 6 in order to put this card into play. Whenever you use this ability to put Voidfire Dragon into play from your discard, it will expel itself when it leaves the field, but Voidfire Dragon‘s Ruined ability allows you to put a fire unit other than Voidfire Dragon from your expel zone to your hand.

Where to find this card? Voidfire Dragon can be found in Expansion Pack 2: Genesis!

The Legend of the Voidfire Dragon

The Voidfire Dragon is a dark gray, black or dark green dragon. It breaths a purple flame.The pose should be intimidating and menacing and shows the dragon landing on top of stone/brick building, about ready to blow fire. There are merchants and wizards in the foreground running or paralyzed in fear.

Living in the voidfire wasteland this dragon is rarely encounter by humans, and those who do come across one are lucky to live. The voidfire from this dragon will disintegrate most of what it touches. Voidfire Dragon is sight to behold, but usually a deadly one. 

Combo Cards with Voidfire Dragon

Voidfire Dragon works really well with the Blazewalker units. The Blazewalker archetype triggers different effects when they are expelled, so using them to play Voidfire Dragon from the discard zone can put in double work! Blazewalker Scout, Leiah can even shuffle Voidfire Dragon back into the deck from the expel zone to continue the combo. Some of the Blazewalkers even make your dragons cost less or can give them Quickness

Voidfire Dragon can be played without paying shardlight to play it from your hand. This helps dragons create a board presence. By using Altar of the Dragon God to sacrifice Voidfire Dragon, you can search your deck for a (3) cost dragon and put it into play. This will trigger Voidfire Dragon’s Ruined ability to get back a fire unit you may have expelled to play Voidfire Dragon, and allows you to put a (3) cost dragon unit into play for only 1 shardlight! 

Voidfire Dragon was originally named Voidfire Phoenix. 

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