Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar

Week 03 – June 22nd, 2020

Element: Water   |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Beast  |  Power: 500

Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar works really well with both Water Champions. When played he places a counter on Jemial, Cryptic Caster, and allows you to know the top card of your deck for Gillian, the Witch Queen. This low-cost unit can really help a deck’s consistency!

Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar is a Water Beast unit with 500 power that costs 1 to play. When Mr. Kins enters the field zone, you can look at the top two cards of your deck and place them back on top of your deck in any order. This will help you know what cards to expect next. You can use Mr. Kins’s exhaust ability to draw a card from your deck and then place Mr. Kins on the top of your deck. When not being used to draw cards, Mr. Kins does a great job of scouting your opponent’s towers.

Where to find this card? Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar can be found in Set 1: Betrayal as a Super Rare.

Mr. Kins, Friend or Foe?

Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar is a genius feline who uses magic and charm to gather intel on his enemy. Most suspect Mr. Kins for a typical housecat, but those who look in his eyes can tell their is something special about him.

A siamese cat familiar is looking over the shoulder of an old water-wizard in his study chamber. The emphasis is on the cat. The room is filled with typical water-faction based alchemists and wizard gadgets, books, and other various items. The cat has an ornate collar and its eyes are brilliant sky blue. This cat is a spy for another wizard, so he should appear to be looking more intently on what the old wizard is doing than a normal care-free cat.

Ideal plays with Mr. Kins

Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar is a very good unit to play in decks focused around Gillian, the Witch Queen. Mr. Kins allows you to look at the top 2 cards of your deck and rearrange them, so you are able to take full advantage of Gillian’s Exhaust ability.

Whenever you use Mr. Kins’s Exhaust ability, you can use Ancient Serpent’s Breath to put him into your hand and draw a card before his ability returns himself to the top of the deck. This combo net you 2 new cards, puts Mr. Kins back into your hand so you can play him again, and you can Shard Drain to put another unit on top of its owner’s deck!

Mr. Kins, Cryptic Familiar was originally going to resemble Jeff’s cat, but turned out to look nothing like him! 

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