White Rose Knight

Week 02 – June 15th, 2020

Element: Light   |   Cost: 4  |  Type: Rose Knight  |  Power: 2000

The White Rose Knight is apart of Auron’s Rose Knight army, and is the most experienced member outside of Auron himself. The Rose Knights are well known throughout Turrim for being extremely good at their job. Auron, along with Blue, Red, Black, and White form the fearsome group

This week’s card is a 4 cost Light Rose Knight unit that has 2000 power, and impacts the game as soon as he enters the battlefield. The arrive ability allows the player to choose one of the following for each Knight unit they have on the field: search their deck for a gear, equip a gear from the discard to White Rose Knight, or recover a Knight unit. The versatility of the ability and the diversity of gears make White Rose Knight a key to any Auron, the Golden Rose deck.

Where to Find this Card? White Rose Knight can be found in Set 2: Revelations, have you build a Rose Knight deck yet?

Who is the White Rose Knight?

The White Rose Knight, or as his friends know him, Phlox, is the team lead whenever Auron is not around. By not allowing his surroundings to distract him, Phlox is only focused on the task at hand and is always on time. His knives are his primary weapon of choice, and with deadly precision he is able to take out any foe no matter how large. Although he benefits and works best with a team around him, Phlox is not someone you want to come face to face with. 

The White Rose is skilled with blades, mostly short swords and daggers. He has a shaved head and goatee with his armor mostly white with gold trim. He is juggling four daggers while standing underneath an archway that leads to a maze garden waiting for the other Rose Knights. The White Rose Knight is seen as the second in command of the spectacular Rose Knights.

The White Rose Knight in action

The Rose Knight archetype aims to get the Rose Knights on the field together. In combination with other units, the Rose Knights gain even more advantage. White Rose Knight is able to choose more modes with his Arrive ability for each Knight you control, including himself. The Rose Knights are a deadly army if assembled together! 

White Rose Knight is able to equip or search Glory, the Sealed Blade with his Arrive ability, and then take out an opponent’s unit with the Brawler ability. Once White Rose Knight destroys a unit in battle you can sacrifice him and put Glory, the Awakened Hero into play!

White Rose Knight is a super rare in Set 2: Revelations, but was mistakenly printed with the rare rarity icon!

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