Kala, Best Friends Forever

Week 01 – June 8th, 2020

Element: Air   |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit-Beast  |  Power: 500

The first Argent Saga Card of the Week will feature Kala, Best Friends Forever. Kala is Ariana’s trusty travel companion, and is always by her side on adventures. This is Kala’s second card in Argent Saga and first appears as Kala, Trusty Companion in the 2019 Air Intro Deck.

Kala, Best Friends Forever is a 1 cost Beast Unit with 500 power. This card is also treated as Kala, Trusty Companion, so you are able to use it with cards like Ariana, Adventure of Argos and Ariana Resolve. Kala has an ability that allows you to sacrifice Kala, Best Friends Forever in order to give another unit Immortal. Use Kala to prevent one of you units from being destroyed!

Where to Find this Card? You can find Kala, Best Friends Forever in Booster Set 3: Ascension as a common card! Have you had an opportunity to play with the new Kala from Set 3 yet? 

The Story of Kala

The friendship between Ariana and Kala has stood the test of time for as long as they can remember. Through perils and battles, the trust these two share is nearly unbeatable. All seemed prosperous in the land of Argos, but then that progress was halted with the arrival of the Silver King. The fateful duo made their way to the Argent Tower with a small band of resistance to stop the Silver King before his army becomes too powerful. 

On top of the Argent Tower, a defeated Ariana struggles to stand. At the opposite side, the Silver King raises his sword and unleashes a silver beam of energy toward Ariana to finish her off. Just before the beam connects, her best friend, Kala, jumps in the way, taking the blast sacrificing itself, as Ariana looks on in horror.

Kala’s sacrifice gave Ariana enough time to escape the Silver King; torn by the loss of her most faithful companion. Ariana vowed to avenge her best friend and put an end to the evil that ravaged this land.

Utilizing Kala

Kala, Best Friends Forever is a great card in combination with Ariana’s Resolve. After sacrificing Kala to give your Ariana Immortal for the turn, you can play Kala from the discard again!

Great Behemoth is another great card to pair with Kala! Great Behemoth costs (1) less to play while you have Kala, and Kala will get the +1000 power bonus and is able to give Great Behemoth Immortal if necessary

Kala, Best Friends Forever is Damien’s favorite card from Set 3: Ascension

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