This page indicates the dates that individual sets, expansions, and promos become legal for Tournaments and Organized Play.

Card / SetTitleDate Legal
Betrayal Set 18/1/2019
Ariana, Adventurer of Argos8/1/2019
Auron, the Golden Rose8/1/2019
Ergon, the Tragic Gargoyle8/1/2019
Gillian, the Witch Queen8/1/2019
Raine, Mournful Commander8/1/2019
Ash, the Glacial Sorcerer8/3/2019
Yuki, the Lightning Flash8/5/2019
G.Z. the Explosion Master8/5/2019
Buckeye, the Loyal8/5/2019
Expansion 1: Generations9/12/2019
Nanatsu, the Pure Shinobi9/16/2019
Demon of the Evil Eye9/16/2019
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