This page indicates the dates that individual sets, expansions, and promos become legal for Tournaments and Organized Play.

Card / SetTitleDate Legal
Ketsu, the Erratic Armor01/11/2021
Striker of the Endless Sword12/07/2020
Rippling Swordslash12/07/2020
Ruka, the Dragonsoul Pugilist11/09/2020
Ruler of the Twisting Waters11/09/2020
Twisting Premonition11/09/2020
Booster Set 4: Echoes of Hokken10/15/2020
Unger, The Conjurer's Adversary10/5/2020
Abyssal Maw10/5/2020
Enforcer of the Twisting Abyss10/5/2020
Citra, Aspirant Rose Knight9/7/2020
Silver King's Overseer9/7/2020
Forager of the Fallen Leaf9/7/2020
Brilliant Verdure9/7/2020
Underlord of the Void Flame8/10/2020
Void Flame Expulsion8/10/2020
Unrestrained Poltergeist
Ceremonial Harpist
Linda & Goblin, Dynamic Duo7/6/2020
Omega Amulet7/6/2020
Omega Charger7/6/2020
Yuki, Brightveiler Squire7/6/2020
Ash, Tidemelder Squire7/6/2020
Nanatsu, Stormsurger Squire7/6/2020
G.Z., Blazerusher Squire7/6/2020
Sandsea Hydra Scorpion6/1/20
Rex, Child of Brilliance3/30/20
Ascension: Draft Pack Cards3/26/20
Booster Set 3: Ascension3/26/20
Woody, Loyal Pack leader3/1/20
Demonic Spy2/24/20
Valtier, The Magical Marksman2/24/20
Ella, Corrupted by Love2/24/20
Ravenous Acid Monger2/24/20

Gloom Necrolord2/3/20

Tux, The Emperor Spirit2/3/20
Expansion Pack 3: Conviction1/23/20
Liyu, Avarice Reborn1/6/20
Daylon, The Conjurer's Raven12/16/19
Curse of the Witch Queen11/14/19
Booster Set 2: Revelations11/14/19
Ruka, Pugilist of the Holy Flame11/4/2019
Glittering Whelp11/4/2019
Silvermist Phoenix10/14/2019
Expansion 2: Genesis10/10/2019
Song of the Sky10/7/2019
Nanatsu, the Pure Shinobi9/16/2019
Demon of the Evil Eye9/16/2019
Expansion 1: Generations9/12/2019
G.Z. the Explosion Master8/5/2019
Buckeye, the Loyal8/5/2019
Yuki, the Lightning Flash8/5/2019
Ash, the Glacial Sorcerer8/3/2019
Booster Set 1: Betrayal8/1/2019
Auron, the Golden Rose8/1/2019
Ergon, the Tragic Gargoyle8/1/2019
Gillian, the Witch Queen8/1/2019
Ariana, Adventurer of Argos8/1/2019
Raine, Mournful Commander8/1/2019
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