Have a question about how certain cards interact? Check here for the most common requests.

Version 1.0 (9/20/2019)


Q: Can I stop an Arrive ability from resolving with Iakuma Silencer?
A: No. When the Unit with an Arrive ability enters the field, the ability triggers and goes into the queue. Removing the ability from the unit will not stop the queue from resolving. (See Priority – section 6)


Q: Does Corum Assassin’s Arrive ability need to sacrifice a Gear as a cost?
A: No. When the Arrive ability goes on the Queue, you select which target unit you are attempting to destroy. When the ability resolves, you may sacrifice a Gear, and the unit is destroyed. If you don’t control a Gear, or if you choose not to sacrifice one, then the unit is not destroyed. (See costs of triggered abilities –


Q: If my opponent takes control of a unit I control that I equipped with a Gear, can I sacrifice that Gear with Corum Assassin’s ability?
A: No. Equipped augments, including Gear, are controlled by the player that controls the equipped unit. (See Controller – 1.2.3 and augments that Equip –


Q: If my opponent takes control of my unit with a Ruined ability (like Corum Squire) and it is sent to the discard zone do I get to use its Ruined ability or does my opponent get to use it?
A: The controller of the card at the time it is being sent to the discard zone gets to use the Ruined ability. So if the opponent has control when that unit is sent into discard, then they get to use the ability. (See Ruined abilities – 11.8.3)


Q: If all my opponent’s towers are destroyed, can I attack with Golem of Devourment to win the game?
A: No. The last attack needs to be able to deal damage in order to win. (See how to win – 5.3.1)


Q: If I control Mei-Yu’s Assistant, does it reduce the alternative cost of Cryptic Deflection?
A: No. Mei-Yu’s Assistant’s cost reduction is referring to a card’s Shardlight cost to play. (See cost to play – 9.4.7)


Q: If I cast Cryptic Deflection on my unit that is already being targeted by an opponent’s spell or ability, what happens?
A: In this instance, Cryptic Deflection would go on the queue and resolve before the original spell or ability. Because now the unit is not a legal target, the original card would attempt to resolve as best it can, but the unit targeted by Cryptic Deflection would be unaffected by any part of the spell or ability that targets. (See illegal targets –


Q: If my opponent has a card to choose two targets does Royal Reflection allow me to redirect both targets?
A: No. Royal Reflection cannot be played in response to an ability that chooses multiple targets at all, because it says “the target” not “a target.”


Q: I target my opponent’s unit with Golem of Allurement’s Arrive ability, and they respond with Royal Reflection. Can they switch the target to a unit I already control?
A: Yes, as long as the new target is still 1 cost. That unit would not change control. It would not be able to attack that turn. (See targets – 12.7)


Q: Does multiple Mei-Yu’s Assistants I control reduce my Water spells’ cost to play multiple times?
A: Yes. Controlling two Mei-Yu’s Assistant, for example, will make your Water spells cost (2) less to play. (See cost to play – 9.4.7)


Q: I play Juvenile Dragon while controlling 2 other Dragons. After the attack has been declared, my opponent destroys one of my other Dragons, and my Juvenile Dragon loses Quickness. What happens to the attack?
A: If the attack has already been declared, the battle continues as normal. If instead, they were to destroy another Dragon before you were able to declare the attack, then you would not be able to attack with Juvenile Dragon unless you played another Dragon and had it gain Quickness once again. (See battle – section 8)


Q: If I use Rao Dragon Tamer’s Arrive ability on a unit that already attacked this turn, can it attack again?
A: Yes. (See battle – section 8)


Q: If I use Eitan, Exiled Prince’s ability to bring out a Skytree Blockadeship in front of a unit that has already declared an attack, what happens?
A: Skytree Blockadeship prevents units from being able to declare an attack. If that declaration has already happened, the unit would continue attacking as normal. (See declare attacks – 8.2)


Q: I activate and resolve Skyship Engineer’s Exhaust ability. Then, I use Eitan, Exiled Prince to sacrifice a 3 cost unit. When Eitan’s ability resolves, can I put a 5 cost Airship into play?
A: No. Skyship Engineer affects the “cost to play” of the Airships, not the actual cost. If you are not playing the card, it still has the same cost for the purpose of Eitan’s ability. (See cost to play – 9.4.7)


Q: My Tower of Water was destroyed, and when resolving its ability to draw two cards, I draw Yuki, the Lightning Flash. Can I use her ability?
A: Yes. Tower abilities do not use the Queue and happen as soon as they are destroyed. The next available priority sequence for you to be able to use Yuki’s ability would be after drawing the cards, so any Yuki that was drawn may be put into play. (See priority sequence – 6.2)


Q: I play Dragonic Blast, exhausting one Dragon I control. My opponent responds while it is on the Queue, and destroys my Dragon. Does my Dragonic Blast still do 1000 damage?
A: Yes. Since exhausting your Dragon is an additional cost of playing Dragonic Blast, you do that before your opponent is able to destroy your Dragon. The cost has been paid, and thus Dragonic Blast will do damage based on how many you exhausted, regardless of if they remain on the field when the spell resolves. (See play cards and abilities – 9.4)


Q: Can I target an already exhausted unit with Great Stormfish’s Arrive ability?
A: Yes, an exhausted unit is a legal target. However, nothing will happen when the ability resolves, unless the unit is switched to active by another ability before the Great Stormfish’s Arrive resolves. (See targets – 12.7)


Q: I play Golem of Avarice while I control another Golem, and the Arrive ability goes on the queue. Before it resolves, my opponent destroys the only other Golem I control. Does my opponent still discard?
A: No. The Arrive ability would only cause your opponent to discard at random if you control a Golem when it resolves. (See effects of triggered abilities –


Q: Can my Golem of Allurement take control of Tokens?
A: Yes. All tokens have a cost of 0. (See tokens – 12.8.3)


Q: Can Kala, Trusty Companion’s replacement ability be used if my Ariana, Young Prodigy would be destroyed by a Tower of Fire?
A: Yes. Kala’s ability is a replacement ability, so it does not use the queue, it simply happens instead. (See replacement effects – 9.3.5)


Q: If my Ariana, Young Prodigy were to be destroyed by damage, can my Kala, Trusty Companion be destroyed instead?
A: Technically, yes. You may still use Kala’s ability to destroy him instead of Ariana. However, Ariana would still have the damage on her, and she would be destroyed (again) before moving to the next priority sequence. (See Game Mechanics Damage – 10.2)


Q: Does Argent Archer have to do damage to himself if its the only card on the field?
A: Yes. The card would have to say “may” for it to be optional, or reference your opponent for it to only target something on your opponent’s side.


Q: Does damage reduce my unit’s power?
A: No, a unit with damage on it still has the same power and will still do the same amount of damage.


Q: Does Raine, Mournful Commander’s Exhaust ability count the cards that are in the Expel zone after expelling cards from your hand, or just referencing cards expelled by his ability at that time?
A: Raine references the cards expelled by his ability. Expelling 1 card deals 500 damage, and expelling 2 cards deals 1000 damage. It is not referencing all cards in the Expel zone.


Q: If I already have a Longinus, Mythical Shardlance in play, can I play another one?
A: You can play a second one, however, you would need to select and destroy one according to game mechanics immediately after it resolves. (See control only one – 10.3)


Q: Does Delayed Poison count as a Gear?
A: No. While all Gear are augments that equip, not all augments that equip are Gear.


Q: If my Leviathan, the Ancient Serpent takes control of a unit, can that unit attack?
A: Yes, as long as that unit has been in play since the beginning of that turn, and is not exhausted. It only needs to have been in the field, not under the same player’s control. (See declare attacks – 8.2.1)


Q: If I have Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer on the field and play a card that has multiple options for the Arrive ability, can I choose multiple different options or does one choice happen twice?
A: Professor Rudy causes the Arrive ability to trigger twice. As each trigger is added to the queue, you may choose a new option. (See triggered abilities and priority – 6.3)


Q: I equip my opponent’s unit with Delayed Poison. When does that unit die?
A: When you equip a unit with an augment, that unit’s controller also becomes the controller of that augment. This means that “at the start of your next turn” will apply to the controller of the Delayed Poison, so the unit will be destroyed at the beginning of your opponent’s turn. (See cards that Equip –


Q: If the unit targeted with Ancient Serpent’s Breath’s second effect is removed from the field before the resolution of the ability, does the owner still draw a card?
A:  No, the owner is determined when the unit is returned to their hand. Since no unit was returned to a hand, there will be no owner to draw a card.


Q: Can I play Winds of Cloudsea and have X be more than 3 with Raging Shardbeast on my field?
A: Yes. Raging Shardbeast checks the cost of the card. Since Winds of Cloudsea’s cost is X, it’s cost to play may be higher than 3, but it’s cost will be treated as 0 in the hand. (See Shardlight Cost 3.4.2)


Q: Can I play a cost 3 spell with Mei-Yu’s Assistant (reducing the cost to 2) if I have Raging Shardbeast in play?
A: No. Mei-Yu’s Assistant reduces the “cost to play” of the spell, it does not reduce the cost of the card. Raging Shardbeast only checks the cost.


Q: If I used Hidden Laboratory to sacrifice my Failed Golem #1, do I search my deck with the Ruined effect of Failed Golem #1, or draw a card with the Exhaust ability of Hidden Laboratory first?
A: You will pay the costs for the Hidden Laboratory, and then the Exhaust ability will enter the queue. The Ruined ability will enter the queue after the Exhaust ability, and the queue will resolve the most recent ability first. The Ruined ability from Failed Golem #1 will resolve first, and then the Exhaust ability will resolve. (See Priority Section 6)


Q: If my Golem of Devourment is sacrificed or destroyed, do I still have to search my deck even if all three are in my discard?
A: Yes, Golem of Devourment is not an optional search and must be done. You will still shuffle your deck, even if you do not search. (See Choose / Search from Hidden Zones 12.2.3)


Q: When I play Sylphia, Spirit of Air, do I choose even or odds when the Arrive ability triggers or when it resolves?
A: You must choose options upon activation of the ability. You will choose even or odds when the Arrive ability triggers. (See Play Cards and Abilities 9.4.3)


Q: If I use my Iakuma Juggernaut to block an attack, and the attacking unit is removed before the damage step, will it switch to active?
A: Yes, once Iakuma Juggernaut is exhausted and declared as a blocker it will have used Guardian, and will switch back to active after the battle. (See Guardian Step 8.3.2)


Q: Do I declare a card name when Demon of the Evil Eye’s Arrive ability triggers or when it resolves?
A: You will declare a card name upon resolution of the Arrive ability. Since you do not “choose” any options, declaring a card name is part of the resolving effect of the Arrive ability.


Q: If I use Iakuma Silencer’s Shard Drain 1 ability on a unit equipped with Standard Shardsword, will the unit lose Target Attack and the +500?
A: The unit will lose the Target Attack ability gained from Standard Shardsword, but will not lose the +500. The +500 is a static effect given to the unit from Standard Shardsword. (See Static effects 9.3.4)


Q: If I use Iakuma Silencer’s Shard Drain 1 ability on a unit equipped with Standard Shardsword, will the unit lose Target Attack and the +500?
A: The unit will lose the Target Attack ability gained from Standard Shardsword, but will not lose the +500. The +500 is a static effect given to the unit from Standard Shardsword. (See Static effects 9.3.4)