Next update: July 1st, 2020

Update effective: July 1st, 2020

  • BANNED ” cards are cards that  cannot be used in play.
  • RESTRICTED” defines a card that you can only have  1 copy maximum in your Main Deck and Side Deck combined.
  • LIMITED” defines a card that you can only have 2 copies maximum of in your Main Deck and Side Deck combined.
  • “SUSPENDED” defines a card that is temporarily Banned from play.


"Corum War Room"

"Gloom Oligarch"

"Playful Imp"

There are currently no other “Banned” cards.


There are currently no “Restricted” cards.


There are currently no “Limited” cards.


There are currently no “Suspended” cards.

July 1st, 2020 BRL List Update:

After multiple online tournaments hosted by Kalen Nelson and The Online Local, and a lot of work internally from the team we have come to a decision to update the BRL list. 

Effective immediately, Sylphia, Spirit of Air will be unbanned and removed from this list. Sylphia was originally banned beginning with Set 2: Revelations, due to the lack of cards that could stop a game from becoming dominated by Sylphia. This led to a very poor gameplay experience for players, and at the time we decided to remove the card from the card pool to improve the overall game experience for all players. The Online Local (TOL) has run a few online tournaments with Sylphia, Spirit of Air being unbanned which provided the team with some additional data. Combined with the work we have been doing in-house to test if Sylphia is healthy in the current card pool, we have decided to unban Sylphia, Spirit of Air

Because of the cooperation and all the hard work from Kalen Nelson, we are able to track decklists from each event, watch usage and a win percentage of specific cards, and can better identify which cards may be causing poor game experience for players. It provided the team with much-needed data that allowed us to narrow down and target the cards we believe are causing negative results.

For that reason, we are banning both Playful Imp and Corum War Room

Playful Imp is a card that is easily abused by cards such as Omega Magic: Yami and Revival of the Son. Combined with Spirit of Serpio, players can often find their hand disrupted losing all the cards they want to play on their turn.  Playful Imp also stops combo cards from being effective. During the online Saga Showcase, 80% of decks played at least 2 Playful Imp, 7 of the Top 8 decks contained Imp, and it was the third most-played main deck card. This is also a very high rate since it is not an Argent card.  Serpio accounted for 66.67% of all spirits and had a majority of the win share. 

Corum War Room is able to create so much advantage for only a cost of 2. The ability to play multiple Corum War Room and create an exponential advantage becomes too much for any deck to handle. The versatility of the gears like Shining Shardagger, Kalibur the Sacred Sword, and even Longinus, Mythical Shardlance compounded with the consistency of Liam proves to be too much for many decks to handle. During the online Saga Showcase, Liam had a usage percentage of 38%. Only 3 Liam decks made Top 8 but ended up knocking all the other Champions out of Top Cut finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

As with every card, these two cards are not subject to stay on the BRL list permanently. When evaluating the BRL list, the team spends individual time on each card in addition to looking at the list as a whole. Our goal with the BRL list is to provide players a healthy card pool to play Argent Saga. The next update to the BRL list is undetermined as we are continuously reviewing the current card pool. Outside of emergencies, we will provide players with a message about an upcoming ban list before it is published. The date a list will take effect is dependent on the events and releases scheduled but will be clear when the initial announcement is made.

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