Booster Draft - Set 3: Ascension

Beginning with Set 3: Ascension, players will be able to draft Argent Saga! A booster draft of Argent Saga allows for a unique experience every time you sit down! Instead of showing up with a pre-constructed deck and a prepared strategy, players will select, or draft, their card pool from packs opened at their table. Players will need to formulate a strategy based on the cards they draft. To start drafting, players will be paired into draft pods of 4-6. Each player will then receive 5 booster packs and a draft pack. 

Setting Up Draft

To begin Draft, Players will open their draft pack first. Each draft pack contains a Champion, Spirit, and five Towers. Each player will then open a pack and select one card to add to their card pool. Then they will pass the remaining cards to the player to the right of them, and receive a different pack of cards from the person on their left. Continue passing cards until all the cards in those packs are drafted. This process is repeated for the other 4 packs, alternating the direction the cards are passed each time a new pack is opened. Once all the cards have been drafted, each player will construct a 20-30 card deck out of their card pool. Additionally your side deck will consist of the other cards drafted in your own card pool.Once all players have their deck prepared and assembled the event will begin with a Swiss Style Format. 

The Champion and Spirit in each draft pack are  Argent, but during an Argent Saga draft players are able to select two Elements to play. At the beginning of each game, players will need to notify their opponent which two Elements they have chosen to play. The Champion and Spirit of the player remain Argent. A player may change which two Elements they are playing in between each game. 

*Any promo card not included in the draft pack but included in the event is not legal during the event. 

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