The shard merchants and tradesmen of Argos have recognized this last weekend in November as a special holiday!  As such, they have decided to temporarily cut prices on popular items found all over the Argent Saga Website.  Use coupon code: BF2019 at checkout to receive 25% OFF licensed merchandise anywhere on the site this weekend! From Friday, November 29th to Monday, December 2nd these coupons will be in effect and newly added Black Friday items can be found by clicking the links below!

Black Friday Limited Edition Playmat: Champions of Turrim

This colorful playmat features the artwork from all of your favorite champions from Turrim.  It will only be available this holiday season, from Friday, November 29th to Tuesday, December 31st!   


Element Packs

Element packs are unique bundles of licensed product that feature your favorite champions.  The current five bundles to chose from feature a champion and spirit of each element!

Welcome Packs

Welcome Packs are small bundles, featuring demo decks, designed to help you learn and teach the game to others.  There are three different tiers of Welcome Packs and they are available for the first time this Friday, November 29th!


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