2020 Black Friday Deals on ArgentSaga.com

Argent Saga’s Black Friday Deals have been extended through the weekend and will continue until Monday, November 30th. Take advantage of great savings all weekend long! 

Use the promo code: BF2020 at checkout to receive select products at 50% of their normal value! 

Merchandise like the Hoenna and Buckeye T-Shirts as well as the Elemental Hoodies! There is a limited supply left on these products, so don’t wait! 

Select Metal Cards are 50% off on the website as well. Today only – pick up rare Metal Legendary Units such as Sylphia and Professor Rudy at half the price! 

Looking to get a gift for a friend or just looking to try a new game out? 2019 Intro Decks are half price along with Sleeves and Dice. An amazing deal for players just starting out!

* LGS will not receive 30% of orders that use the BF2020 promo code*

Any order placed this weekend will include a playset of
Full Art Arbor Carbuncle!

T-Shirts and Elemental Hoodies - Limited Stock!

You have probably seen one of the iconic purple Buckeye or Hoenna T-Shirt or the awesome Element Hoodies players usually have on at events. Now you can get your own, at half the price! 

There is a limited number of stock on these items, so order before your style or size is unavailable. 

2019 Intro Deck for only $9.99!

Complete your Intro Deck collection or pick up a deck for a friend! At $9.99, these intro decks are a great gift and a perfect opportunity for a new player to get started!

Argent Saga is a fun and exciting game to play while stuck inside the house with your friends and family. Grab two Intro Decks for the price of 1, and learn how to play with someone else!

Argent Saga Sleeves and Element Dice

While you are picking up an Intro Deck, grab a set of Sleeves and a Full Set of the Argent Saga Element Dice. These are great additional products for new players just getting started, and veteran players can never have enough sleeves and dice! 

Select Metal Cards - Half Off!

Pick up amazing Full Art Metal cards of some of the Argent Saga’s earliest cards. During our Black Friday Sale, some of these legendary cards will be on sale for $12.48!  Please read the Floor Rules about legality of Metal Cards in events.

List of Metal Cards on Sale: Bahamute, Dragonic Deity, G.Z. the Explosion Master, Hoenna Conjurer Supreme, Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress, Leviathan, the Ancient Serpent, Patriarch of Golems, Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer, Sylphia, Spirit of Air, Twilight Knight, Yuki, the Lightning Flash

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