Argent Saga Token Art Contest

Argent Saga is a game made by players, for players. We’re looking to get the community more involved in our game with an Art Contest, for the chance to have your art featured as a Token in our game!

Here are the Tokens that we have between the Intro Decks and Set 1: Betrayal. These descriptions are only rough guides, feel free to be as creative as you want!

Title Image Type Description
Omega Magic: Hikari
Light Knight Unit Token with Guardian
Medieval front-line soldier with a large shield
Corum Reinforcements
Light Knight Unit Token
A warrior monk, similar to the other Corum
Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer
Dark Golem Unit Token
Stitched together mounds of flesh and body parts magically imbued with an artificial soul
Rao Wyvern Rider
Red Rao Unit Token
A dragon tamer demounting a dragon
Argent Egg
Argent Dragon Whelp Unit Token
A newly hatched dragon
Transfiguration Master
Argent Hulking Mech Unit Token
A large, strong-looking robot
Transfiguration Master
Argent Sulking Mech Unit Token
A small, sad-looking robot
Argent Blob Unit Token with Guardian
An amorphous glob of slime
Phantasmal Guards

Water Illusion Unit Token With Guardian
Illusionary/ghostly warriors, mercenaries,  or bodyguards


The deadline for the contest will be on August 7th, 2019.

All entries should follow the guidelines posted below. Submissions can be sent here. Some finalists will be selected for the community to vote on. Winners will have their art put onto official Argent Saga tokens!


This is an open contest, anyone can participate in this contest. We encourage all artists to participate no matter how much experience. Having your art featured in our game Argent Saga or printed for one of our events is great publicity that could help build your resume in the trading card industry.

Card Formatting

Original Artwork

Entries must be new artworks specifically made for the contest, and cannot be based on the concept art of another artist, or based on film, TV, or other game projects.

Argent Saga assumes all entries are original creations and the work and property of the entrant with all rights granted therein. The participant agrees that Argent Saga owns the copyright use of the submitted image and ARG can use the image for marketing, production or any other platform.

Full Contest Terms and Conditions

Argent Saga will not be liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

After the judge’s votes have been tallied, the winner will be asked to submit the original image file for his/her submission for examination (for example: layered PSD file). If this reveals a breach of contest rules/requirements, Argent Saga may at our discretion disqualify the winner. Failure/refusal to submit the original image file for examination, will result in the disqualification of the entry, and the entry in second place will move up to first place.

Argent Saga reserves the right to remove material deemed to be abusive, harmful, harassing, pornographic or in other ways unsuitable for display at or and other social networks. We reserve the right to use our discretion on this point.

Argent Saga reserves the rights to, if necessary, modify the rules and/or proceedings of the contest, in order to stamp out cheating, fraud, etc. Argent Saga has taken the necessary steps to monitor the proceedings of the contest in their entirety, and will actively root out any attempts at cheating.

By submitting an entry to this contest, the contestant grants Argent Saga the rights to freely publish said image online or in printed media in relation to the contest, without remuneration. In entering a creation in the contest, the contestant hereby irrevocably grants to Argent Saga all right, title and interest in and to such creation (including but not limited to the copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights therein), and any and all ideas and information embodied therein, in perpetuity and throughout the world.

Contestant personal information will not be distributed outside of contest sponsor companies other than the person name or artist user/business name.

Once entries are submitted for review, they will be posted to our social channels. Comments will be allowed on the website. Once the judging period is completed, the top pieces will move on to voting by the public as well as a panel of judges.

Entries not complying with the contest rules are subject to disqualification without prior warning.

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