Join us this March for the seventh Argent Saga Championship!  Win a seat at our National Championship, and play for other fantastic prizes.The Swiss Format main event is on Saturday, March 28th. Top cut will be held on Sunday, March 29th, along with a Saga Showcase tournament for those who did not make it to top cut.

Join us for Public Side Events  Saturday – Sunday to win brand new Prize Wall items and more! 

Player Packages

  • VIP Package $100
  • Regular Package $40

  • Entry into the Championship
  • "Vi, Matron of Miracles" STITCHED Playmat
  • Dallas National Championship Bingo Sticker
  • 5 Token Cards
  • Early Preview of Promo Card, "Giga Shardbeast" from LGS Pack Vol. 2
  • "Bone Scavenger" Foil Promo Card
  • FIRST PRINTING - Metal "Buckeye, The Loyal" Spirit Card
  • Entry Promotional  Card, "Rex, Child of Brilliance"

  • Participation Promo
  • Rubber "Vi, Matron of Miracles" Participation Playmat
  • Dallas Bingo Sticker
  • Entry into the Championship


Argent Saga Championships are Pre-Registration only. Players can register online now using the button below. Registration deadline is currently Friday, March 27th at 9:00PM EST (also subject to change).

This will be a two-day event held at Hunter Burton Memorial Open.  The Hunter Burton Memorial Open is a charity event that helps to raise awareness for suicide prevention.  There will be other TCG events present at the event alongside Argent Saga.  Information on the other events at the open can be found via the link below.

To register for Argent Saga Championship VII: Dallas, click the link below to be directed to the page where you can sign up.  You will be prompted to chose one of two options for registration.  The distinctions between these two tiers of registration is best illustrated by the graphics above.

Quick Links

Need Somewhere to Stay?

Championship (Saturday, March 28th)

The Championship starts Saturday, March 28th, at 11:00AM. We will then hold the Top Cut on Sunday, March 29th.

Finish Prize Amount

1st Place

$2000 Cash, Likeness on Card, Gold Prize Card, Champion Playmat, Top 32 Card, National Championship Invite
2nd Place
$1000 Cash, Silver Prize Card, Top 8 Playmat, Top 32 Card, National Championship Invite
3rd Place
$500 Cash, Bronze Card, Top 8 Playmat, Top 32 Card, National Championship Invite
4th Place
$500 Cash, Rainbow Prize Card, Top 8 Playmat, Top 32 Card, National Championship Invite
5th-8th Place
$250 Cash, Rainbow Prize Card, Top 8 Playmat, Top 32 Card, National Championship Invite
9th-16th Place
Rainbow Prize Card, Top 16 Playmat, Top 32 Card, National Championship Invite
17th-32nd Place
Top 32 Playmat, Top 32 Card

*National Championship Invites – 1 per 8 players

*Likeness on a card for first-time champions only

*Prizes subject to change

Saga Showcase Sunday Tournament

In addition to the main event, the Argent Saga team is also holding a special tournament on Sunday, March 29th at 11:00 AM! Registrants will receive 5 Cup Points and an SPECIAL Playmat featuring artwork from “Aira, Savior of Argos”! This is one event you do not want to miss!

Finish Prizing

1st Place

Gold Prize Card, 25 Cup Points
2nd Place
Silver Prize Card, 15 Cup Points
3rd Place
Bronze Prize Card, 10 Cup Points
4th-8th Place
Rainbow Prize Card, 10 Cup Points

Public Side Events

Join us starting Saturday, March 28th, for Public Side Events in order to compete for and earn Shardpoints, among other prizes. From 8-Player on-demand challenges, to battling a previous Champion or developer, there’s a great deal of fun to be had for everyone participating at this event!

  • Pre-Registration Check-In (9:30AM Saturday)
  • 8-Player On-Demand Prize Wall Side Events
  • Public Playoff Raffle
  • Saga Showcase
Finish Shardpoints
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd - 4th Place
5th - 8th Place
*Shardpoints can be used directly at the Championship Prize Wall

Battle a Bounty

This just in! Our team has heard rumors that there are a number of players appearing at our Championship that are wanted across Turrim for treason. Battle one of our posted bounties at the event, and we promise it will be worth your while.  Don’t worry if you lose, as there will be participation prizes for all!

Special Guests

This March 2020 Championship will feature special guest appearances from characters in the game, game designers, and more. Announcing Special Guests soon…


Announcing Vendors soon…

Meet the Judges

Judges to be announced soon.

Hotel Deals

Need a place to stay during the event? You can book space in our room block to save time and money.


Remember to collect stickers at each event to prepare for a special Argent Saga Bingo side event at the 2020 National Championship!
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