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Argent Saga Lootbox Collection continues with Lootbox Collection 07: Silver Supremacy! You can subscribe to the Argent Saga Lootbox Collection today and you will receive the Silver Supremacy box at your front door in early January when it begins shipping!

Take down your opponent with powerful Argent units! Silver Supremacy comes with a brand new Omega Unit, Fragment of Adoration! This Omega unit can be placed on one or more of your units, and with its ability it can play just about any card from your deck! The only trick is that every card in your discard pile must have a different name, otherwise you will not be able to use the ability.

This box also comes with 5 Full Art Silver King’s Pawn promo cards and a metal Metaial, the Silver King card featuring a different color scheme than usual.

Fall Saga Showcase

Compete in a Fall Saga Showcase at a participating LGS in order to have an opportunity to win metal Kyte, the Air Spirit!

You can find the the remaining Saga Showcase events on the Event Schedule at the bottom of the events page!

LGS Pack Vol. 4

LGS Pack Vol 4 brings 2 Brand New cards into Argent Saga with Gigath, King of the Gargoyles, and Dux, the Infamous Skyraider! Available at your local LGS on November 19th, 2020!

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