Argent Cup

The Argent Cup is a premiere event where Champions compete against other powerful Champions for the Argos Championship Belt! To earn the right of passage for this amazing claim, you must battle for cup points at either Argent Cup Qualifiers or LGS Championships. Each event will have guaranteed cup points, and if you place higher you will earn more points. Champions who have earned 100 Cup Points will qualify for the Argent Cup.

Not only are Cup Points used for admission to the Argent Cup Championship, they can be used to redeem items from the Souvenir Shoppe.

The Argent Cup in July 2020 has been postponed

Finish Argent Cup Prizing
1st Place Argent Cup Champion
Argent Cup Championship Belt, ACS Prize Card, ACS Champion Playmat, ACS Top Cut Collectors Pin, ASC Legendary Champion Pin, 2020 National Invite, and 100 cup points for next season
2nd Place Argent Cup Runner-Up
ACS Top Cut Playmat, ACS Top cut Prize Card, ACS Lapel Pin, 2020 National Championship Invite, and 75 Cup Points for next season
3rd Place Argent Cup Finalist
ACS Finalist Playmat, ACS Top Cut Prize Card, ACS Top cut pin, 2020 National Championship Invite, 50 Cup Points for the next season
4th-8th Place Argent Cup Top Cut
ACS Top Cut Playmat, Top Cut Prize Card, Top Cut pin, 2020 National Champiomship Invite, 25 Cup Points for the next season
Argent Cup Participation
Acrylic Argent Saga Promo Card, Entry into Argent Cup Invitational, ACS Entry Promo Card, ACS Promo Die, and 10 Cup Points for next season
Argent Cup Series Souvenir Shoppe

Arriving at the Argent Saga Cup is our Souvenir Shoppe where you can redeem cup points for Argent Saga Merch! From playmats to hoodies to top cut promo cards, there many items for you to choose from to enhance your swag anywhere you go! These merch items have traveled far and wide to suite your wares!

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