Win Argent Cup Points to earn your place at the Argent Cup where only one person will emerge as the most powerful Champion of Argos.  

The Argent Cup Summer Series Season will begin with Argent Cup Qualifiers at select LGS locations starting December 1st, 2019.  The Summer Season will conclude approximately one month before the Argent Cup is scheduled.

An LGS can hold 1 ACQ per month and must be held between the 1st day and 7th day of each month in conjunction with the new LGS OP Kit
promotion of that month.

LGS that have shown their true dedication for building an Argent Saga Community will be awarded the ability to host an LGS Championship once per quarter.

Players can earn Argent Cup Points by competing in Argent Cup Qualifiers and at LGS Championships. Both the ACQ and LGS Championships will reward players for participating at Argent Saga OP events at their local game stores.

Argent Cup points will not expire, will not transfer to another player and all points will be linked to the players ERRES number.

*Chart above displays the Argent Cup Point payout for Argent Cup Qualifers

*Click the Argent Cup Banner to see the Argent Cup Portal

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