With the Argent Cup Point tracker, you can view all the current players Cup Points that they have earned this season and beyond. Players who have the highest points will be featured in our Cup Point Leaderboard! You can also view the master sheet with all players points by selecting the Cup Point Master sheet button below the Cup Point Leaderboard.

Cup Point Leaderboard
Standings Cup Point Amount
Nori Ayukawa
75 Points
Daniel Webb
70 Points
Jacob Scottsconci
65 Points
Nick Draper
65 Points
Gerald Williams
60 Points
Edward Young
60 Points
Princess Basser
60 Points
Maximillian Fay
60 Points
Mark Woodin
60 Points

*2 Players are tied for 3rd Place, 5 Players are tied for 5th Place, and 5 players are tied for 10th Place

*Last Updated: 2/15/2020

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