Battle the Champion Spotlight – Jordon Gaubert vs. Lead Designer Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones (Liam // Fizzy) vs. Jordon Gaubert (Hoenna // Sola)

We’ve got a special feature match while the main event winds down at, so we’ve got a Battle of the Champions! Lead Designer Jeff Jones defends a full art Argent Shard against the challenger Jordon Gaubert!
Jeff wins the die rolls, and chooses to go first. He played Corum Squire, and ends.
Jordan matches with Failed Golem #1, then passes his turn as well.
On Jeff’s turn, Corum Squire attacks into the Air Tower, returning Corum Squire to Jeff’s hand, and triggering Jordon’s Yuki, as well as Jeff’s Liam, which searches Kalibur, the Sacred Shardsword. Jeff plays Corum War Room, and ends.
Jordon starts with Golem of Jealousy, drawing a card, then attacks with Yuki, finding the Air Tower. Golem of Jealousy and Failed Golem #1 return to Jordon’s hand, and Jeff plays a Yuki of his own. Jordon passes, recovering Yuki with Sola.
Jeff powers up his Yuki by equipping Kalibur, and attacks into Jordon’s Yuki. Jordon Soulbursts his Sola, blocking the attack and saving his unit. Jeff plays Supply Deal, discarding a Shining Shardagger, then plays Corum Squire before ending.
Jordon changes a second Hallowed Crystal, then plays Delayed Poison, targeting the Yuki. Jeff responds with Kalibur, saving Yuki and drawing a card. Jordon attacks Corum Squire with Yuki, and Jeff searches his deck for a Standard Shardsword as it dies. Jordon plays two Failed Golem #1s, and ends.
Jeff begins with another Supply Deal, discarding Standard Shardsword. He then plays Vi’s Blessing, returning Shardagger and Kalibur to his hand. He plays a second Corum War Room, then plays Kalibur for 0, thanks to the War Rooms, onto his Yuki. He attacks Jordon’s Yuki this his own, destroying it, and ends.
Jordon attacks Jeff’s towers with a Failed Golem #1, revealing the Dark Tower. The second Failed Golem #1 follow suit, finding the Water Tower. Jordon plays Golem of Devourment, then Golem of Jealousy, and ends.
Jeff begins his turn with Raging Shardbeast, then Shard Drains with Fizzy to draw a card. He attacks Yuki into the Golem of Jealousy, and Jordon blocks the attack with Golem of Devourment. Jeff responds with Ancient Serpent’s Breath, sending Golem of Devourment to Jordon’s hand, and Failed Golem #1 to the top of Jordon’s deck. A Shining Shardagger gives the Shardbeast quickness, and it attacks into the last Failed Golem #1. Jeff plays an Azure Seer and two Amatuer Witches, then passes his turn.
Jordon begins with Golem of Devourment, then plays Failed Golem #1. With 2 Hallowed Crystal available, he passes his turn.

Jeff starts his turn with his third copy of Corum War Room, then Shard Drains with Fizzy to draw a card. Jeff attacks with Yuki at towers, which is quickly blocked by Golem of Devourment. Raging Shardbeast swings next, finding the second Devourment in it’s way. Azure Seer attacks next, and takes aim at the Water Tower, revealing it. Amateur Witch finds Dark Tower, and finally, the last Amatuer Witch finds the Fire Tower. Liam searches for Kalibur, while Jordon puts Yuki into play. With 2 shards available, Jeff passes, and Jordon uses Omega Magic: Yami to return Golem of Allurement to the field, and targets the Raging Shardbeast with it’s Arrive ability. Jeff uses Corum War Room to bring back Kalibur, and sacrifices it to keep his Shardbeast on the right side of the field.
Jordon fires off an attack with Yuki, taking aim at an Amatuer Witch, and Jeff allows the attack to destroy the witch. Golem of Allurement then attacks Azure Seer, and Jeff uses Shardsword Nova, discarding Standard Shardshield, to destroy the attacking Golem. Jordon keeps up the agression with Silver Watchwoman, gaining Quickness and attacking into the Azure Seer once more. Jeff sacrifices Corum War Room, equipping Kalibur from his discard zone to the Azure Seer. Jordon attempted to remove another counter from Watchwoman to prevent the damage, and Jeff also pumped his Seer with Liam, discarding Kalibur, keeping both units alive. Finally, Jordon attacked the Azure Seer with Failed Golem #1 to finish it off, but Jeff used the Kalibur to draw a card, destroying the Azure Seer with it’s 2000 damage already on it in the process. Jordon passed.
Jeff attacked Towers with Raging Shardbeast, but was blocked by the final Golem of Devourment. Vi’s Blessing brought back two Kalibur from Jeff’s discard, then he attempted to equip a Kalibur to the Amateur Witch. Jordon responded with Dusk Strike on the witch, and Jeff had no response. Jeff Shard Drained with Fizzy, drawing a card. Jeff played his other Kalibur on the Raging Shardbeast, then played his third Vi’s Blessing to return Standard Shardsword and Kalibur to his hand, then ended his turn.
Jordon played Golem of Jealousy, then Golem of Avarice, discarding the Standard Shardsword from Jeff’s hand. He attacked with Yuki, finding the Light Tower, giving Jeff a token. That didn’t dissuade Jordon, as he attacked with Silver Watchwoman, and with no blocks from Jeff, found the Fire Tower. Jeff destroyed Yuki, and played one of his own as well. After that, Jordon passed, leaving 2 shards active.
Jeff drew for turn, and attacked with Yuki into towers, choosing to swing at the only face-down tower left – the Light Tower, and Liam grabbed Shining Shardagger. Jeff’s Knight token attacked, unblocked, and struck the Water Tower, giving Jordon two cards, and Jeff a Longinus from his deck. Jeff played Corum Squire, then attempted to equip with with a Blessed Shardcloak, for free thanks to the one War Room still left. He played Shard Dagger next, equipping it to the Squire. The Squire attacked towers, and Jordon blocked with the Knight token. Jeff used Corona, the Spirit Ruby, destroying the Knight and sending the attack through to the Dark Tower. Jordon grabbed an Iskandar, the Mythical King from Jeff’s hand, and Jeff searched with Liam for a Longinus. He attacked with Raging Shardbeast for the killing blow, but Jordon responded with Omega Magic: Hikari, attempting to block the attack. Jeff discarded a Longinus from his hand using Liam to give the Shardbeast +500, then used Corum War Room to bring it back, deal 1500 damage to the blocking token, and ending the game!
Jeff Jones takes it down in the end, but Jordon earns a pack for Betrayal for his efforts. Well played!

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