Round 8 Feature Match – Derrick Mugwaneza vs. Thomas Durnil

Derrick Mugwaneza (Liam // Fizzy, 5-2) vs. Thomas Durnil (Hoenna // Sola, 5-2)

Thomas wins the die roll, and will start the match.
He opens strong with Raging Shardbeast, which Derrick matches on his first turn with a Shardbeast of his own.
Thomas’s second turn begins with a Shardbeast attack, finding Tower of Darkness. Derrick takes a peek at Thomas’s hand, removing a Yuki. Thomas ends with 2 shards up, using Sola to recover the Raging Shardbeast.
Derrick draws, then attacks with Shardbeast. Thomas responds with a Holy Slash that Derrick had seen with the Dark Tower, and responds readily with Ancient Serpent’s Breath on his own Shardbeast. He replays the Shardbeast after drawing a card, and passes.
Thomas’s Shardbeast swings in next, finding the Water Tower. After playing Failed Golem #1, he passes, with 2 Hallowed Crystal still active.
Derrick continues the trend by attacking with Raging Shardbeast, now swinging in to the Shardbeast that Thomas had left exhausted, and discarded Blessed Shardcloak to Liam’s ability to give it +500, making his Shardbeast stronger. Next, he played Corum War Room, then equipped his Shardbeast with Kalibur, the Sacred Shardsword, and ended his turn.
Thomas successfully found Air Tower with his Failed Golem #1, which returned the golem to his hand. Next, he played Golem of Allurement, targeting Derrick’s Raging Shardbeast, which quickly prompted Kalibur’s activated ability to keep it safe.
On Derrick’s turn, he kept true to form and continued attacking with Shardbeast, and finally found purchase on a tower, taking out Dark Tower. Thomas took out Derrick’s Corum War Room, and afterwards Derrick resolved Liam’s trigger to search his deck for Shining Shardagger. He then played Azure Seer, and used the discounted Shining Shardagger to equip it to the Seer, then swung into the Fire Tower, destroying the Seer. Liam triggered again, searching for another Shardagger, and finally Derrick passed, with 2 shards still active. Thomas made a Golem token with Hoenna before beginning his turn.
Thomas attacked with Golem of Allurement, finding the Light Tower, and giving Derrick a Knight token to work with. Thomas played Golem of Devourment, followed by Golem of Avarice. Derrick responded to the Avarice with Omega Magic: Hikari, creating 2 Guardian tokens, and the Avarice resolved to take a Vi’s Blessing out of Derrick’s hand. With that, Thomas passed.
Derrick, with only a face-down Fire tower remaining, had a lot of work to do to catch up to the pressure from Thomas, and started off by swinging with Raging Shardbeast. Golem of Devourment blocked, and Derrick used Ancient Serpent’s Breath with Shard Drain, bouncing the token and returning Golem of Devourment to the top of Thomas’s deck. Shardbeast continued on to the Water Tower, and Liam’s trigger allowed Derrick to search for Standard Shardsword. The Knight token picked up the Sword, discounted by Corum War Room, and attacked into the Golem of Avarice. With 4 shards active and 5 cards in hand, Derrick ended. Thomas created a Golem token before the turn passed.
Golem of Allurement came at Towers, prompting a block from a Hikari token. The Golem token swung next, taking out another Hikari token. Thomas played Golem of Vengeance, creating another Golem token to get the most out of Vengeance, and took out Corum Squire and Shining Shardagger from Derrick’s hand before passing.
Derrick looked at his opponent’s board, and realized that this could very easil be his final turn. He swung with a Hikari token, discarding Longinus with Liam before the damage reached the tower, and finally found the Air Tower, which returned Shardbeast and the Knight token to Derrick’s hand. Liam’s search found Derrick yet another Shardagger. He played Amatuer Witch, equipping it with Shining Shardagger, then swung into the final tower of Thomas – the Light tower. Liam’s trigger searched out Longinus, and Derrick attacked with his last Hikari token, but was blocked by the Knight token. Finally, Derrick replayed his Shardbeast, sacrificed Corum War Room to equip it with a Shining Shardagger, and attacked for the final blow! Derrick takes game 1 by the skin of his teeth.


Thomas starts game 2, opening up by opting to mulligan one card, then playing Argent Egg.
Derrick played Amateur Witch, with both players starting much slower than the previous match.
Thomas played Golem of Devourment and passed.
Derrick attacked with the Witch, going unblocked and taking out the Fire Tower, giving Thomas access to a Yuki, the Lightning Flash. Derrick searched for Kalibur, played Shardbeast, then passed with 1 shard active.
Yuki swung in at Derrick’s towers, finding the Air Tower. He bounced the Golem of Devourment and Argent Egg, before dropping a Yuki of his own. Derrick replayed the guardians, and ended his turn.
Derrick played Shardsword Nova before the charge step, discarding Kalibur for it’s cost, and taking out Thomas’s Yuki. He attacked with Shardbeast, but was blocked this time by Argent Egg. Yuki swung in next, but was also blocked by Golem of Devourment. Derrick then passed, a full 3 shards still available, including Corona, the Spirit Ruby.
Thomas poked at Derrick’s towers with the Whelp token, but was met by an Omega Magic: Hikari, that blocked the attack, killing the token. He then played Golem of Avarice, taking a Shardsword Nova out of Derrick’s hand, before passing.
Derrick started his turn by attacking with Shardbeast, and hit the Water Tower, giving Thomas a Yuki to put into play. Derrick searched with Liam’s trigger, adding a Kalibur, the Sacred Shardsword to his hand. He used Kalibur to equip to his Yuki, then entered battle and attacked Thomas’s Yuki with his own. Thomas blocked with Golem of Devourment, which prompted an Ancient Serpent’s Breath, with Shard Drain to put the Golem of Avarice on top as well. The Yuki attack went through, taking out the other Yuki, and after playing an Azure Seer, Derrick ended his turn.
Thomas played Hidden Laboratory, then a Failed Golem #1. With 2 Hallowed Crystal active, he passed the turn to Derrick.
Derrick’s field of Raging Shardbeast, a Hikari token, Yuki with Kalibur, and Azure Seer, started with Azure Seer attacking into towers. Thomas Soulburst his Sola, blocking the attack, with no response from Derrick. Yuki attacked towers next, breaking the Air Tower, which returned the Hikari token and Shardbeast to Derrick’s hand. Liam searched for Longinus, the Mythical Shardlance. Derrick played Raging Shardbeast, equipped it with Longinus, and finally played another Shardbeast to end his turn. Thomas played Omega Magic: Hikari before the turn was up, leaving his counters still available on Hoenna.
Thomas, with 2 Hikari tokens, a Sola Knight token, and a Failed Golem #1, began his attacks with Failed Golem, revealing the Water tower. Hikari token swung next, finishing off the Water tower, and allowing Derrick to put another Yuki into play. Thomas played Acid Monger, targeting the Kalibur on Derrick’s Yuki, which Derrick sacrificed with it’s own ability, drawing him a card. After that, Thomas passed, with only the Tower of Light and Tower of Darkness remaining, and a Knight token and a Hikari token to attempt to block.
Derrick attacked with Shardbeast, which was blocked by the active Hikari token. Derrick sacrificed Longinus, the Mythical Shardlance to destroy the token, and Shardbeast continued through to break the Light Tower, giving Thomas another Knight token. Derrick searched for Kalibur with his Liam’s ability. Derrick attempted to put the Kalibur onto one of his Yuki, but ran right into Thomas’s Debilitating Miasma, which targeted both of Derrick’s Yukis. Derrick thought for a moment, before finally using Liam to give the Yuki that was targeted by Kalibur +500, discarding Standard Shardsword. Derrick used Fizzy’s Shard Drain to draw a card, then attacked towers with Raging Shardbeast. The Knight token attempted to block, but Ancient Serpent’s Breath removed the blocker, and the Shard Drain took out the other Knight token as well. Shardbeast took out the Dark Tower, and with nothing left to stop the Yuki remaining on the field, Derrick took the match down!
Derrick wins 2-0, and finishes the tournament with a 6-2 record!

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