Round 5 Feature Match – Matt Robinson vs. Jordan Hodges

Matt Robinson (Jemial // Kyte) vs. Jordan Hodges (Hoenna // Fizzy)

These undefeated players move into round 5, at table 4! Jordan wins the die roll and will play first.
Jordan plays Failed Golem #1 for his first turn.
Matt answers with Azure Seer, keeping Omega Magic: Kaze on top of his deck.
Jordan attacks with Failed Golem #1, revealing the Dark Tower. He follows up with Golem of Devourment, finishing his turn.
Matt draws the Kaze, and sends Azure Seer into a Dark Tower as well, unblocked by the Golem of Devourment. He passes with 2 shards still available.
Jordan charges a Cryptic Crystal, seemingly unimpressed with the top of his deck. He attempts to enter combat, but is quickly met with Omega Magic: Kaze, stopping Failed Golem #1 before it can launch an attack. He ends, 3 shards at the ready.
Matt starts his turn with Iakuma Wave Bender, returning Golem of Devourment to Jordan’s hand. He neglects to attack with Azure Seer, fearing a possible Poisonous Strike from Jordan’s 3 shards, and Jordan instead decides to use Dusk Strike on the Wave Bender before the turn is out.
Jordan’s turn begins with a Hidden Laboratory, then swings with Failed Golem #1, revealing the Water Tower. Golem of Devourment uses the rest of his shards, and he passes.
Matt draws to 7 cards in hand, and contemplates his options for a moment. Phantasmal Guards hits the board, putting two Illusion tokens into play, and bringing Jemial up to 4 counters. Matt ends with that, again not attacking, and Jordan creates a Golem token before his turn begins.
Jordan’s first order of business is trying to find one of those elusive 1000 defense towers, and swings in with Failed Golem #1 once again – finding Light Tower. The Golem token attacks next, but is blocked by Matt’s Illusion token. Jordan uses Hidden Laboratory to sacrifice Failed Golem #1, drawing a card and sending Golem of Avarice from his deck to the discard zone. He follows up with Omega Magic: Yami, attempting to return the Avarice to the field, but Matt quickly attempts to Shard Drain an Ancient Serpent’s Breath, clearing the Golems out of the way, putting the token back in Jordan’s hand, and putting Golem of Devourment on top of his deck. Jordan responds with ANOTHER Omega Magic Yami, now targetting the Failed Golem #1. The Omega Magics all resolve, and with an Avarice arrive on the queue, Matt draws with Jemial, then plays another Serpent’s breath to return the Failed Golem #1 to Jordan’s hand, stopping the discard from happening. Jordan replays the Failed Golem #1, and ends.
Matt attacks with Azure Seer reveals a Water Tower. Next, with his only 4 shards, he plays Sylphia, calling odd. Then, he uses Kyte to discard Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer, returning Sylphia to his hand, recovering a shard, and getting back his Sky Dagger. With that 1 shard open, he ends.
Jordan, with no units on the board any longer, plays back to back Hidden Laboratories, pumping Hoenna up to 7 counters. He plays Golem of Devourment with the rest of his shards, and passes.
Matt goes fishing again, looking for the elusive 1000 power towers, and Jordan chooses not to block the attack, and is rewarded as the Seer finds the Light Tower. While finding the Fire Tower before this next play would have been ideal, it doesn’t stop Matt from slamming down Iakuma Juggernaut, and ending his turn. Jordan takes a moment to read over the Juggernaut, then uses Hoenna to make two Golem tokens at the end of the turn, ready to take the giant Guardian head on.
Jordan charges, finding Corona, the Spirit Ruby, and uses Fizzy to Shard Drain and draw a card. Hidden Laboratory sacrifices a Golem of Devourment, finding another one while he draws another potential answer to the Juggernaut. Jordan attacks with a Golem token, and when Matt blocks with Juggernaut, Jordan uses the Corona, Spirit Ruby to flip his Fizzy face-down, and attempt to destroy the Juggernaut. With a simple Shard Drain, Juggernaut keeps himself alive from the Corona, and the successful block removes the Golem token from the field. Jordan plays a Failed Golem #1 to his side of the field, and ends with 4 shards active.
Matt draws for his turn, and asks his opponent how many shards he’s left open, contemplating the potential Instacast cards that could be a problem.
“Bah,” he exclaimed, running through the options. “Bah, I say.” He ended his turn without performing any actions, 5 shards at the ready, including 2 Zephyr Crystal.
Jordan’s turn starts with Hidden Lab on Failed Golem #1, drawing a card and sending Allurement from his deck to the discard zone. The third Omega Magic: Yami in Jordan’s deck finds it’s way onto the queue, bringing back the Allurementm and taking control of Matt’s Azure Seer. Jordan equips a Delayed Poison to the Illusion token, then plays a Raging Shardbeast to the field. At the end of the turn, Matt uses his Zephyr Crystal to take care of one of the Hidden Labs, and Jordan responds by using it on his Devourment, drawing another card, and fishing the third Devourment from his deck onto the field.
Matt’s turn starts, and the Delayed Poison takes out the Illusion token. With just a Juggernaut, and two counters on Jemial, Matt stares down Jordan’s field of Golem of Allurement, Ragin Shardbeast, Golem token, Azure Seer, and Golem of Devourment, with two Hidden Labs to back it up. Matt plays Azure Guardian, bringing his hand size down to a comfortable seven, and ends his turn with 4 shards to play with on his opponent’s turn.
Jordan comes out of the gate swinging with Golem of Allurement, which Matt blocks with Azure Guardian. Hidden Laboratory makes sure the unit doesn’t die for free, as Jordan draws yet another card. Golem token is the next attacker, and now Matt decides it is time to declare a block with the Juggernaut. Jordan chooses not to use his other Lab, valuing the damage on the Juggernaut that could discourage future blocks. Shardbeast swings in next, and Matt declares a block with Juggernaut. Jordan seems happy to let this go through, but before damage is dealt, Omega Magic: Kaze stops the Shardbeast from dealing damage, and it dies in battle to the guardian. Delayed Poison finds its way onto the Azure Guardian, and another Shardbeast hits the field for Jordan, and finally, a Failed Golem #1. After that, Jordan ends.
Delayed Poison triggers and takes out the Azure Guardian, and Matt is once again confronted by his entire hand of options, and a very large board for his opponent. Matt plays Garga, calling 1 cost, returning the Shardbeast and Azure Seer to their owners’ hands, while Hidden Lab takes the Failed Golem #1 in a different direction. Despite Garga having Quickness, Matt chooses to use Kyte to return the Garga to his hand, discarding a Sky Dagger. Matt finally feels comfortable attacking, and takes out the first tower of the game, finding the Fire Tower. Iakuma Juggernaut dies to the Tower, and Matt ends his turn with no units.
Jordan plays Raging Shardbeast, and does nothing else before passing.
Matt charges for a Corona, the Spirit Ruby. He plays Azure Seer, then puts Mr. Kins from the top of his deck to the bottom. Garga hits the field next, calling 1, but Ancient Serpent’s Breath puts the Shardbeast back on Jordan’s own terms, and puts Garga back on top of Matt’s deck. Matt’s next order of business is Phantasmal Guards, and after producing the Illusion tokens, he ends with only Corona still active.
Jordan plays Golem of Allurement, taking control of the Azure Seer for himself once more. Next, he plays Golem of Indolence, discarding Shardbeast to the Arrive ability and giving it Quickness, which attacks into an Illusion token, taking it out and adding a counter to Hoenna. Jordan then passes, 2 shards available.
Matt’s turn starts, and ends, performing no actions.
“I’m sure there’s a Chronostasis somewhere….” Jordan mumbles, fearing the worst.
Nonetheless, he attempts to attack, is met with Shards of Winter before he can make it to the battle step. He plays Golem of Avarice next. Matt responds with two Jemial activations, discarding Azure Seer and Greathawk of Cloudsea, before Avarice finally takes Shards of Winter. At the end of the turn, Matt uses some of his remaining shards to fuel Zephyr Crystal and take out another Lab.
Matt’s turn starts with Sylphia, calling Odd, putting his own Azure Seer from Jordan’s field to the bottom of his deck, while the Golem of Avarice fuels another draw from the Hidden Laboratory. Matt then plays Garga, Keeper of Gales, calling cost 4 , which would return both the Indolence and Sylphia to their owner’s hands. Jordan responds with Ancient Serpent’s Breath, returning Golem of Devourment to his own hand, and using Shard Drain to return Sylphia to the top of Matt’s deck. Eventually Garga resolves, returning Indolence to Jordan’s hand, and Matt discards Iakuma Juggernaut to Kyte, returning Garga to his hand himself. This triggers the Sky Dagger in Matt’s discard zone, returning to his hand. Matt ends his turn with an active Zephyr Crystal, Corono the Spirit Ruby, and a lone Illusion token.
That lone illusion token was not long for this world however, as Jordan replays the Golem of Indolence, discarding Omega Magic: Mizu for Quickness, and attacks the token. With 8 cards in hand, he discard another Mizu as he ends his turn, 6 shards still active.
Matt begins his turn by replaying Garga, calling 4, returning Indolence to Jordan’s hand. Silver Watchwoman hits the field next, and with Quickness from a counter, attempts to attack at towers. Jordan uses Hoenna’s ability to create a Golem token, giving him a Dark unit to enable him to cast Dusk Strike, reducing the Silver Watchwoman’s power to 0, destroying her. Matt discards the Sky Dagger to return Garga to his hand, draws with Jemial to discard Dagger again, and ends his turn with 7 cards in hand.
Golem token takes his first crack at towers, and Jordan finally finds the Air tower, making room for a completely open field, and a tie game, with only 4 minutes left in the round. Jordan plays Golem of Devourment to establish dominance, and ends.
Matt draws, charges, and uses Zephyr Crystal to take out the last Hidden Laboratory. Twilight Knight comes out next, targeting Golem of Devourment with her Arrive ability. It resolves, and with her newfound Quickness, Twilight Knight aims for towers. Jordan attempts to Dusk Strike, before realizing he’s too late, and has no Dark units available to play the card! Twilight Knight takes out the Water Tower and Air Tower, and Jordan chooses not to return the Twilight Knight to Matt’s hand.
On Jordan’s turn, the Golem of Indolence discards Delayed Poison to take out the Twilight Knight, and Jordan follows up the golem with a Golem of Avarice, discarding the final Shards of Winter from Matt’s hand. As time is called in the round, only 5 turns remain for these players, and Jordan ends.
Matt plays Mr. Kins, revealing two Iakuma Wavebender on the top of his deck to plan out his future turns. He plays Sylphia next for Odd, returning Avarice to Jordan’s deck. As we’ve seen before Garga is the follow-up, calling 4 to hit both Sylphia and Golem of Indolence. Jordan thinks for a moment, before using Dusk Strike on the Garga. Both 4 cost units return to the hand, giving Garga quickness, and returning SKy Dagger to Matt’s hand. He uses the Dagger with Kyte to return the Garga, and ends his turn with only Mr. Kins, one active Corona, and a 7 card hand.
Jordan begins his second turn in time with Golem of Allurement, attempting to take the Mr. Kins, which uses it’s exhaust ability to dodge the effect. Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress is his next unit, and after getting back Omega Magic Yami, he returns Golem of Avarice to the field, finally taking Sylphia out of Matt’s hand, after many failed attempts. After that, he ends.
Matt draws his Mr. Kins, knowing another Wave Bender still awaits him on top of his deck. He plays Garga for 3, returning the Avarice and Allurement to Jordan’s hand, and giving him the Quickness he needs to attack into the Light Tower. Next, he used Kyte and Dagger to return Garga to his hand, recovering a shard in the process, and then played Iakuma Wave Bender to return Mei-Yu to Jordan’s hand. With no Quickness available, and fewer towers remaining, Jordan offers the handshake, unable to take out enough towers to catch a win.
Matt takes down round 5, still undefeated!

“Garga,” he said. “He’s so fun.”

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