Round 3 Feature Match – Tom Pizaro vs. Emanuel Rojas

Tom Pizaro (Hoenna // Sola) vs. Emanuel Rojas (Dragonholt // Kyte)

These undefeated players square off at table 12, and as Emanuel wins the die roll, he chooses to go first.
He charges for a Zephyr Crystal, plays Scarlet Egg, and passes his turn.
Tom plays Raging Shardbeast for his first turn, and ends.
Emanuel plays Argent Egg, follow by Deranged Dragon, turning his Scarlet Egg online, then ends his turn without cracking it open.
Tom starts his turn with Hidden Laboratory, then attacks towers with Shardbeast. Argent Egg blocks the attack, giving Emanuel a Whelp token. At the end of Tom’s turn, Sola’s ability switches the Shardbeast back to active.
Emanuel charges a shard, then uses Zephyr Crystal and his remaining shards to take out the Hidden Lab before it becomes a problem. Tom responds with Hoenna’s ability, creating a Golem token, then uses the Lab to sacrifice the token and draw a card before it’s destroyed. Emanuel attacks with Deranged Dragon, revealing Water Tower, but not destroying it. Scarlet Egg sacrifices itself into a Juvenile Dragon from deck, which then attacks into the Air Tower. Tom returns the Whelp token, and the Deranged Dragon, and Emanuel ends his turn.
Tom attacks with Shardbeast, finding the Air Tower for himself, and getting his Shardbeast returned to his hand. He replays the Shardbeast, adds a Golem of Devourment, then passes.
Emanual charges for a Fizzy the Spirit Sapphire, then uses immediately it to flip his Kyte face-down, and drawing two cards. His Juvenile Dragon attacks into towers, but Golem of Devourment blocks the attack, finding another Golem from deck. Emanuel uses Dragonholt, the Dracoborg to search for Scarlet Egg, discarding Dragonic Summoner from his hand. He ends his turn without playing it, with 2 shards still active.
Tom once again comes out swinging, attacking the exhausted Juvenile Dragon with Raging Shardbeast. Emanuel uses Omega Magic: Kasai to deal 1500 to the Shardbeast, causing both to be destroyed. Golem of Devourment attacks into Dark Tower, revealing it. Tom plays another Shardbeast, and Sola recovers Devourment at the end of Tom’s turn.
Emanual plays Vehemont for his turn, but with no destroyed Fire towers, he’s unable to destroy anything. He passes, realizing his mistake only too late. Tom makes a golem at the end of Emanuel’s turn using Hoenna’s ability.
Tom opens with Delayed Poison, targeting the Vehemont. Then, he attacks towers with Shardbeast, destroying the Tower of Light. He plays Dusk Strike to zero out the Knight token created, then attacks with his own Golem token, finding the Water Tower and destroying it. Tom passes, recovering Shardbeast with Sola.
Emanuel, starting to run low on towers, slams a Bahamute, Dragonic Diety, targeting the Golem of Devourment sitting between the Shardbeast and Golem token. Tom responds with Hidden Lab to prevent the Expel, and preventing the damage on his adjacent units. He draws for Lab, but fails to find his third Devourment. Bahamute attacks the exhausted Golem token, destroying it. At the end of the turn, Tom makes a Golem token and soulbursts his Sola, quickly flooding the board. Looking at the number of attacks available, Emanuel picks up his cards, and we’re off to a fast game 2!


Emanuel chooses to go first in game 2, and charges Fizzy, the Spirit Sapphire. He plays Arbor Carbuncle, then discards Dragonic Summoner for Kyte’s effect, returning Carbuncle, recovering a shard, and searching for another Carbuncle. He then plays Argent Egg, and ends his turn.
Tom, not impressed by Emanuel’s fancy turn, plays Shardbeast and ends.
Emanuel plays Carbuncle again, discarding GZ, the Explosion Master to Kyte to return it to his hand, and searching another. He plays Dragonic Zone, then uses Carbuncle from hand to recover two shards and draw two cards. Finally, he plays a GZ from his hand, adding an explosion counter to a face-down tower, and ending his turn.
Tom plays Hidden Lab to start off, then swings with Shardbeast. GZ uses his effect to pop the Tower of Fire, destroying the Shardbeast. After that, Tom ends.
Emanuel begins by attacking towers with GZ, cracking open the Dark Tower, and unfortunately losing a Sylphia from his hand. He then plays Juvenile Dragon, followed up with Scarlet Egg, and uses Scarlet Egg to search for Booster Dragon, to pump up the Juvenile. With 3 dragons in play, he attacks with the Juvenile Dragon for 2000, taking down the Light tower and giving Tom a token. Emanuel then uses Dragonic Zone to get back Scarlet Egg from his discard, replays it, and passes. Tom creates a Golem token at the end of Emanuel’s turn.
Tom opens his turn by playing Golem of Devourment, then attacks GZ with the Knight Token. His Golem token then swings into Juvenile Dragon, which Emanuel blocks with Argent Egg, creating a Whelp token. Tom plays another Shardbeast and passes, recovering the Knight Token with Sola’s ability.
Emanuel draws, and ponders his options, looking expectantly at his shards, which contain both Fizzy, the Sapphire, and Zephyr Crystal. Thinking better of it, he instead has Booster Dragon attack at towers, which quickly prompts Tom to ask how many shards Emanuel has available. After some deliberation, Tom decides to block with the Knight token, and the successful block sees no response, and Booster Dragon goes down. Emanuel plays Rao Wyvern Rider, and swings for towers. Tom sacrifices his golem token for Hidden Lab to try and find an answer, then decides to block with Golem of Devourment. Scarlet Egg upgrades into Booster dragon, pumping up the Whelp token. Juvenile swings and reveals Tower of Water, then the Whelp Token crashes into the exhausted Knight Token, finishing both off. At the end of the turn, Tom makes another Golem token.
Tom comes at Emanuel’s towers with Shardbeast, finding an ill-timed Air Tower, taking out the token and returning Devourment to Tom’s hand. Tom replays the Devourment, then passes his turn with 2 shards still active, recovering his Shardbeast with Sola as he does.
Emanuel once again eyes Zephyr Crystal, this time committing to the play, and taking out the Hidden Lab. With only 2 cards in hand, Dragonic Summoner and Scarlet Egg, he uses Fizzy, the Spirit Sapphire to flip Kyte face-down and find Omega Magic: Kasai and Bahamute, Dragonic Diety. He plays Scarlet Egg, and decides to attack with Booster Dragon, which falls to a Dusk Strike from Tom. Rao Wyvern Rider comes in next, which finds a block from a Soulbursted Sola’s Knight token, but creates its own token as it is ruined. Juvenile Dragon swings in next, hitting the Fire Tower, which removes the Scarlet Egg. Finally Emanuel ends, and Tom makes another Golem token before his turn begins.
Tom opens with Delayed Poison on the Juvenile, then swings for towers with Shardbeast. Dark Tower discards Hidden Lab, then the Golem token comes in next, finding the Light Tower and giving Emanuel a Knight token. Tom contemplates an attack with his own Knight token, but ends up passing with 4 shards still active.
Emanuel’s turn begins with Delayed Poison taking out the Juvenile, but is followed up with Bahamute, Dragonic Diety! He targets the Golem of Devourment to be expelled, which takes out the adjacent Knight token and Golem token in the process. Bahamute swings in for Towers, and Tom responds with Omega Magic: Yami, giving the Rao Rider Token -1000 and getting back a Golem of Devourment, which he uses to block Bahamute. He grabs another Golem of Devouerment from his deck, and Emanuel passes his turn.
Tom opens his turn with Golem of Jealousy, followed by another. Shardbeast comes for towers, finishing off Emanuel’s last tower, the Water Tower. He passes his turn, with 2 shards available, and a Golem of Devourment to keep his face-up Water Tower and still face-down Air Tower alive.
Emanuel enters combat and goes for towers with his Knight token, which is promptly blocked by Golem of Devourment. Emanuel considers his options, knowing this could very easily be his last turn if he can’t find a way to deal with these Golems. He uses Dragonholt to discard Dragonic Summoner, finding a Scarlet Egg, then swings with Bahamute to attack the exhausted Shardbeast. He plays Deranged Dragon, followed by Juvenile, which uses it’s Quickness to take out the Tower of Air, which returns the Knight token and Deranged Dragon. Scarlet Egg comes out, followed by Argent Egg, and finally Emanuel passes with two shards available, leaving up the option for Omega Magic: Kasai. But at the end of his turn, Tom plays Omega Magic: Hikari, making two more potential attackers, while also using Hoenna to create a golem.
Golem of Jealousy attacks for game, finding a block from Argent Egg. The second Golem of Jealousy attacks, taking out Scarlet Egg as it blocks. The first Hikari token swings, prompting an Omega Magic: Kasai to take it out along with the second token, but the Golem token finally comes in for the finish blow!
Tom Pizaro takes the match 2-0, leaving him still undefeated!


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