Round 1 Feature Match – Jan Muniz-Garcia vs. Andrew Vatland

Jan Muniz-Garcia (Hoenna // Fizzy) vs. Andrew Vatland (Ergon // Kyte)

Jan brings an interesting Hoenna Fizzy deck to the action, a deck we haven’t seen too much of since the Atlantic City Invitational. Lets see what happens!
Jan sees an opening hand of Dusk Strike, 2 Hidden Laboratory, Failed Golem #1, and Golem of Allurment. He plays Failed Golem #1 and passes his turn.
Andrew uses Ergon to send Argent Egg and Silver Watchwoman from his deck to the discard zone, then charges a Zephyr Crystal, and passes.
Jan draws Omega Magic: Yami for turn, then charges Cryptic Crystal, seeing Ancient Serpent’s Breath and Omega Magic: Mizu, putting the Breath on top.
Jan attacks with Failed Golem #1, finding the Tower of Darkness, but not destroying it. Jan plays his Hidden Laboratory to add counters to Hoenna, then ends.
Andrew mills Omega Magic: Kaze and Novice Protector before his charge phase, then quickly ends his turn without playing a card. Jan uses Hoenna to put a Golem token into play at the end of Andrew’s turn, then draws the Ancient Serpent’s Breath he was expecting.
Jan attacks with the Golem token, successfully finding the Tower of Air. Andrew chooses to return both of Jan’s units to his hand, making the Golem token disappear. Jan replays the Failed Golem #1, plays a second Hidden lab, then ends his turn. Ergon sends Nobe, the Shadow Guardiang and Greathawk of Cloudsea to Andrew’s discard.
Andrew calls a shard, then attempts to end then. Jan makes another Golem token with Hoenna, and Andrew is forced to discard Lightning Shot at the end of the turn from his 8 card hand.
Jan attempts to enter combat, but in response Andrew plays Omega Magic: Yami, targeting the Greathawk. He exhaust Failed Golem #1, and returns the Golem Token, but using Hidden Laboratory in response, Jan draws a card instead – another Hidden Lab!
Jan plays his third and final Hidden Laboratory, and ends his turn with 2 shards available. Ergon finds 2 Golem of Devourment, an unfortunate mill for Andrew.
Andrew, finally with a unit on the field, attacks with Greathawk of Cloudsea, and finds the Tower of Light, successfully taking it out, and giving Jan more tokens. Andrew uses Kyte to discard Monarch Sky Dagger and return Greathawk of Cloudsea to his hand. Sky Dagger then triggers from the discard zone, also returning to his hand.
Andrew again ends his turn with 8 cards, discarding Golem of Avarice, while Hoenna makes another Golem token.
With a Failed Golem #1, Knight Token, and Golem Token on the field, Jan draws for his turn into another copy of Ancient Serpent’s Breath.
Jan attacks with his Knight Token, and Andrew plays Debilitating Miasma, targeting both tokens. Hidden Lab sacrifices the Golem, drawing Dusk Strike, as the Knight dies alongside him. Failed Golem #1 attacks, finding a Tower of Light, and Jan ends his turn with 5 shards active.
Ergon finds Brain Wipe Beam and Argent Egg at the beginning of Andrew’s turn.
Andrew plays Skytree Hawk, and attempts to discard Sky Dagger to return it, but Jan’s Dusk Strike in response sends it to an early grave instead.
With 3 shards left, Andrew plays Golem of Allurement, targeting Failed Golem #1. Hidden Lab stops the steal, sending Golem of Avarice from Jan’s deck to his discard zone, and drawing him his third Ancient Serpent’s Breath. Finally able to use all of his shards, Andrew passes with nothing available.
Jan draws Delayed Poison for turn, and plays Golem of Allurment, with no targets available for the Arrive ability. He then uses Fizzy to Shard Drain and draw a card. Delayed Poison comes down on his opponent’s Allurement, and Jan ends.
Ergon finds Poisonous Strike and Golem of Avarice. Still no Sylphia in sight!
Hellish Guardhound comes down from Andrew, targeting the Golem of Allurment, and Andrew ends. Jan uses Omega Magic: Yami to brings back Golem of Avarice and discards a Silver Watchwoman from Andrew, bringing him down to 3 cards remaining.
On his turn, Jan attacks with Golem of Avarice, which runs into a Poisonous Strike. He uses Hidden Laboratory to draw a card with the Avarice, then discards a Hellish Guardhound to the resolving Poisonous Strike. Jan plays Golem Of Devourment, and ends with 4 active shards and 6 cards in hand.
Ergon sends Gloom Oligarch and Hellish Guardhound to Andrew’s discard.
Andrew draws to 3 and ends his turn without playing a card.
On Jan’s turn he attacks with Golem of Allurement, which Andrew blocks with Hellish Guardhound. Jan plays Omega Magic Mizu, returning Guardhound to Andrew’s hand. Andrew plays Poisonous Strike to reduce Allurement’s power to 0. Hidden Lab draws a card with the Allurement sacrifice, then Jan discards Azure Seer. He plays his own Hellish Guardhound, shard drains to draw with Fizzy, then ends his turn with 2 shards active and 6 in hand. At the end of the turn, Andrew uses Zephyr Crystal to destroy an active Hidden Lab, then uses Ergon to put a Golem of Devourment on top of his deck.
Andrew draws (Golem of Devourment), then plays Hellish Guardhound again, targeting Jan’s Guardhound.
Jan draws for turn and plays Golem of Avarice, taking out a Greathawk of Cloudsea from Andrew’s hand. He then plays Failed Golem #1, developing a wide board of threats.
“You have Sylphia, don’t you” says Jan, debating playing even more units.
Internally deciding the answer is no, he plays Raging Shardbeast, followed by a shard drain from Fizzy. Jan ends his turn, very vulnerable to a potential Slyphia that chooses Odd cost. Andrew uses Zephyr Crystal to destroy another Hidden Lab. Ergon hits Omega Magic Yami and Golem of Allurement before Andrew starts his turn.
Andrew plays Golem of Devourment, running thin on cards in hand with only 2 remaining, and ends.
Jan begins his turn by attacking with his board of 5 units. “I bet you have another Miasma,” he muses.
Andrew lets the first attack from Failed Golem #1 go through unblocked, and Jan finds the Fire Tower. Andrew chooses to destroy Hellish Guardhound, and Hoenna gets her third counter.
Golem of Avarice comes in next, and Andrew responds with Zephyr Crystal, finishing off the last Hidden Lab. Jan sacrifices Failed Golem #1 in response, sending no golems, but drawing a card. Andrew then blocks the incoming attack with Guardhound, and Jan uses Ancient Serpent’s Breath to bounce Andrew’s Golem of Devourment, and Shard Drains to put the blocking Guardhound on top of Andrew’s deck. Now, with no more Hidden Labs in the way, Andrew uses Debilitating Miasma to target the Golem of Avarice and Raging Shardbeast. Jan has nothing to do but let it resolve. With Andrew exhausted, Jan plays Silver Watchwoman, using Quickness, and attacks the already face-up Tower of Light.
“You have Omega Magic Yami for Allurement?” Andrew asks, and puts the Knight Token on Jan’s side of the field.
“I might,” he laughs, “but we’re not doing it yet!” And he returns the Knight token to Andrew’s field.
Despite this, Andrew looks at the state of the game, and realizes that with so few cards left, he’d be hard pressed to beat the advantage that Fizzy can provide. With 25 minutes still on the clock, Andrew concedes game 1.

Andrew elects to go first in Game 2, but ends his first turn without a play.
Jan opens up before mulligans with Hidden Laboratory, Philosopher’s Stone, Ancient Serpent’s Breath, Dusk Strike, and Golem of Devourment. He keeps the Lab and Devourment, then draws Delayed Poison, Golem of Avarice, Golem of Allurment, and finally Dusk Strike for turn. With nothing to do, Jan passes his first turn as well.
Ergon finds Golem of Avarice and Debilitating Miasma before Andrew draws.
Andrew plays Skytree Hawk, finally seeing an early unit, and ends his turn.
Jan draws Golem of Jealousy. He plays a Golem of Devourment, and passes.
Andrew draws, then sends Golem of Devourment and Silver Watchwoman to the discard with Ergon.
Andrew attacks with Skytree Hawk, which Jan chooses to block with Golem of Devourment. After Jan grabs his second Devourment, Andrew uses Kyte to discard Nobe the Shadow Guardian, returning the Skytree Hawk, which he then discards to draw 2 cards. Andrew plays Golem of Devourment, and passes with 1 shard active.
Jan charges a Cryptic Crystal, revealing an Ancient Serpent’s Breath and his 3rd and final Golem of Devourment, which he wisely puts secon from the top. Jan then plays Golem of Avarice, discarding Omega Magic: Yami from Andrew’s hand. Jan ends.
Ergon finds Poisonous Strike and Delayed Poison.
Andrew plays Hellish Guardhound, targeting the Golem of Avarice. He ends with 1 shard active, yet again.
Jan charges for his 4th shard, and examines his options carefully. His hand contains Dusk Strike, Ancient Serpent’s Breath, Azure Seer, Hidden Lab, Delayed Poison, Golem of Jealousy, and Golem of Allurement. He plays Azure Seer, putting the Devourment he knew was on top of his deck to the bottom. He plays Hidden Lab, and finally uses Delayed Poison on the Hellish Guardhound before ending his turn.
Andrew plays Sylphia, Spirit of Air, declaring Odd. Jan uses Hidden Lab on the Golem of Avarice in response. Andrew then returns Sylphia to his hand by discarding Monarch Sky Dagger, then plays Acid Monger to destroy the Hidden Lab. Andrew passes the turn, where Jan makes a Golem token with Hoenna.
Jan calls his 5th shard, then plays Jealousy to try to find some more answers. He then uses Fizzy to dig even deeper, searching for a way to beat the Sylphia that he knows is coming. Jan attacks with his Golem Token, which is easily blocked by Golem of Devourment. Jan then attacks with his own Golem of Devourment, finding the Fire Tower and flipping it face-up. Jan then plays Azure Seer, keeping Omega Magic: Yami on top of his deck, then ends his turn.
Andrew plays Sylphia, calling Even, which would leave Jan with only an Azure Seer left. Jan goes into the tank, before using Ancient Serpent’s Breath to target his Golem of Devourment, and using Shard Drain to target the Sylphia. Andrew responds with Kyte, discarding Sky Dagger, getting the Sylphia into his hand instead. Andrew then attacks with Acid Monger, hitting the Fire Tower, which destroys his last Golem of Devourment. Andrew plays Hellish Guardhound, targeting the remaining Azure Seer, and ends his turn.
Jan has a hand full of 8 cards, 5 shards, and still no way to get out of this Sylphia problem. Jan plays Golem of Devourment, and passes.
Andrew draws without using Ergon, then slams Sylphia for the third time this game, choosing Even. Jan allows it, putting his Golem of Devourment on the bottom. Andrew enters battle to attack with Acid Monger, finding the Water Tower. Then, Hellish Guardhound swings in, but an Omega Magic: Yami brings back a Golem of Devourment to stop the damage. Jan searches for his second Devourment and puts it into play. Kyte returns Sylphia with Dagger, then Andrew plays Golem of Allurment, stealing the Azure Seer, and passes.
Jan draws with 7 minutes left on the clock, and charges a Corona, the Spirit Ruby. He plays Azure Seer, putting Failed Golem #1 to the bottom of his deck. He looks at his hand again, and passes with 5 shards still active. At the end of the turn, Andrew uses Ergon to put Silver Watchwoman on top of his deck.
Andrew draws, and plays Sylphia to choose Even for the Golem of Devourment. Jan plays Dusk Strike on Sylphia, Andrew responds with Kyte, and Jan responds with another Dusk Strike to finally put the bird to rest. Golem of Allurment attacks and hits Light Tower, putting a Token into play for Jan. Hellish Guardhound attacks, trading evenly with a block from the Knight Token. Azure Seer swings in next, finding Tower of Air, and Jan chooses to put Acid Monger and the Azure Seer from Andrew’s field back into their owner’s hands. Andrew then plays Silver Watchwoman, and with Quickness, takes out the Water Tower. With his onslaught complete, Andrew ends his turn.
Jan draws for turn with 8 cards in hand, and only a face-down Tower of Darkness keeping him in the game. Azure Seer swings into Tower of Fire, putting a much-needed third counter on Hoenna. Jan plays Delayed Poison on Silver Watchwoman, plays another Azure Seer, then Shard Drains with Fizzy to find more answers. Golem of Jealousy is played with no Golem to trigger the draw, then Jan ends his turn.
Delayed Poison takes out the Watchwoman at the start of Andrew’s turn, but after switching his shards to active, he plays another Watchwoman from his hand. Golem of Allurement attacks into the final tower, but a quick Omega Magic: Yami from Jan gives Silver Watchwoman -1000 power, and a Golem of Devourment from discard into play. Golem of Devourment blocks the Golem of Allurment, but Debilitating Miasma kills off the Golem of Jealousy and the blocking Golem of Devourment. Another Devourment comes out of Jan’s deck, but the Tower of Darkness falls, and Jan takes another Debilitating Miasma out of Andrew’s dwindling hand. Andrew attacks with the 1000 power Watchwoman to attempt to end, Devourment blocks, but Kyte’s Soulburst removes the Devourment, taking Watchwoman home for the win!
Unfortunately, time was called during these intense final turns, and the match ends in a 1-1 draw for these players. Hard-fought from both sides, we hope to see more of these players down the line!


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